Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Bedbugs by Ben Winters
Rate: 5/5 Stars
Dates Read: September 18-21st

what a frightful and itching book... literally. i read this with great speed. i loved it. although i have not yet read 'Rosemary's Baaby' i've read in other reviews that this was partially inspired by the book. i have seen the movie and reading about the movie it's said the movie follows the book almost to exacts so comparing this book the the movie of  'Rosemary's Baby' yes i see a huge resemblance, and 'Rosemary's Baby' is one of my favorite horror movies. i really love being scared, horror being my favorite genre of anything, and bugs to creep me out like no other. So where do i read this, no other than my bed, yes i read some on the couch, but bed bugs are still known to roam there, so the creepinest still had effect.

Susan,. her husband Alex, and there daughter Emma just moved into a new apartment, and it couldn't be better, a nice upscale brownstone Brooklyn aprartment for a great small price, hard to pass up right? there must be a catch, leaky pipes? loose floorboards?  no none of that. everything seems just right, and plus there's an extra 'bonus' room. sure the landlady is a little loony but nothing to pass up about. Soon after the move in Susan starts experiencing problems with bugs, bed bugs to be exact. Only one problem, Alex and Emma aren't experiencing anything at all. So what's Susan to do? Going crazy over these bugs she'll do anything to rid of them.

This book left me itching all over. i didn't even sleep in my own bed last night cause i finished it. in fact i slept on the couch. finally falling asleep around 2am. i tried sleeping i think i lost sleep due to this book and the fact of my medication. but i think i'll mostly rather blame it on this amazingly written horror novel. i actually even was awake so much last night i had time to start and finish another book. a small book at that but it was at least something.

So go read this book.....if you dare, and you'll be itchy for more at the end. or feeling like you want to burn everything you own by the end.

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