Monday, May 12, 2014

The Last Policeman/Countdown City by Ben H. Winters

I am reviewing both "The Last Policeman" and "Countdown City" both by Ben H. Winters

Sorry these took me so song to get up. I was reading them back to back. (Then in hopes not to run the plots together too much. lol) 

I rated "The Last Policeman" 4 stars and "Countdown City" 3.5 both very good though.

The Last Policeman. 

Set in the not to distant future a man named Hank Palace is investigating the death of a man in a McDonalds bathroom. It's suspected suicide. With an asteroid headed towards earth some turn to suicide. Hank believes this is no suicide, but a murder. Even with the world coming to an end Hank is determined to solve this case. A great mix of mystery and apocalyptic mayhem. This is well worth the read. Part one of a three part trilogy. Scary thing for me is I was reading it at the same time some of the dates mentioned in the beginning of the novel. (queue Twilight Zone theme) 

Countdown City.

The world is ending, what's a better thing to do than solve the mystery of a missing person. That's what Detective Hank Palace is up to. While half the world is going "bucket list" he is still out doing his job. A friends cry to find her missing husband. But does he really want to be found? Hank is also struggling with this sister Nico who is having some issues of her own. It will be nice to see how everything comes together in the final installment.