Sunday, August 21, 2011

Cemetery Dance

(sorry no book cover, i'm not on my computer and the libraries doesnt seem to allow linked pictures, and can't save to computer to upload.)
Read from August 18 to 21, 2011
5/5 Stars
Another great read. I didn't want to put this down, it was nail biting at times. I was sad to see Smithback be killed,and by a pretty bizarre person too. A twist of Voodoo, and our favorite special agent is on the case again to help solve these murders beign commited by who. zombiis? yes the dead do walk, and aparently kill too. Be ready for another great thriller from two amazing writeres.

The Wheel of Darkness

(sorry no book cover, i'm not on my computer and the libraries doesnt seem to allow linked pictures, and can't save to computer to upload.)
Read from August 16 to 18, 2011

5/5 stars
yes i finished reading this already!!! it was so good,and intence. the location of this was was very different than the others but it still was great! it put a new twist on it which made it all the better. instead of being set in the city, or a small countryside town this book in the series takes place on a cruise ship. such tight closterphobic quarters i was like wow. Doug and Linc never fail to let me down, and being the year i was introduced to them, i still wish i discovered them sooner.

i'm starting "Cemetery Dance" tonight, and am still in hopes of finishing it and "Fever Dream" before my copy of "Cold Vengeance" is on hold at the library. :)

"Book of the Dead"

(sorry no book cover, i'm not on my computer and the libraries doesnt seem to allow linked pictures, and can't save to computer to upload.)
Read from August 04 to 16, 2011

4/5 Stars
First off it took me forever to finish this book. I was in the process of moving and didn't edxactly have the time to read. At times I wanted to put it down and forget the rest, 'cause I have a deadline for the Pendergast books, I need to finish the series before I read the newest installment in the series "Cold Vengeance".
So for first read this book in the series 7th Pendergast, 3rd Diogenes, I found it to be a little duller than the others. I will give this a re-read sometime though 'cause of my recent love of Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child. But as for now moving on to the rest of the series in hopes of finishing before my reservation of "Cold Vengeance" is at the library.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

My book reviews

i know i post my reviews here  and i don't know who all keeps up with them on my blog but i do have a goodreads and a librarything. i post the reviews there first. well mainly on goodreads cause i have no more current space on librarything without a lifetime charge of about $20 one time pay. i hope you like my reviews and although a lot of my older reviews aren't up on my blog here, they're still viewable on my goodreads account. i would love to hear from you. any feedback on how to make my book reviews better, or if you've read a book i have and would like to discuss it please let me know. i would love to discuss them with you. i did decide to add the dates read to my blog since i felt like it was needed. i am open to suggestions though. 

thanks and have a wonderful rest of the weekend

Doctor Who: Agent Provocateur

Doctor Who: Agent Provocateur by Gary Russell

3/5 Stars
dates read: August 1st - August 7th 2011

 pretty good written graphic novel. the best one i've read this year? no. i am a fan of Doctor Who, but i feel like this was poorly written compared to the show. it didn't flow as easy. the story lines were all over the place, and seemed to trail off just to add extra pages. i liked some of the drawings although they could of been better.

Brady Brady Brady

Brady Brady Brady by Sherwood Schwartz and Lloyd J Schwartz

2/5 Stars
dates read: July 31- August 5th 2011

   i spotted this book at the library and thought i'd read it getting some behind the scenes, which there were some, but there was a lot of unnecessary stuff.
There were a lot of random quotes, and a lot of info people already knew. I also didn't like that they gave major plots throughout the book. Yes i've seen probably all the episodes a few times, mind you the show was on before i was born, so i've been stuff with reruns, but i would still rather see the episodes, than keep reading the plots randomly put in there.
They constantly talked about problems with the show as well, which i know every show is going to have, but i got tired of reading about them.
I expected for a book written by the creator and his son would have been written better, but it wasn't. i would not read this again, and wouldnt buy it......even though i might have to 'cause the book i read being a library copy and it got slight water damage to a few pages. cringlness but every word is still perfectly library is very very picky. 

Let Me In

Let Me In by John Ajvide Lindqvist

2/5 Stars
dates read: July 27th - August 1st

i watched the movie before reading the book. i liked the movie a lot more than the book. i feel the book was drawn out too much, it being a good story another vampire story with a love twist, but dealing with kids instead of teenagers (Twilight). i found it very boring through most of the book. i think the only thing that kept me reading was to see the differences between the movie and the book. in all i think it made a lot better movie than a book.

Still Missing

Still Missing by Chevy Stevens

4/5 Stars
dates read: July 21st - 25th 2011

This book was hard to put down. At times I wanted to 'cause it was so intense but I just kept reading. Annie a 32 year old realtor gets kidnapped taken to a cabin in the mountains for over a year. All this time being tortured by "The Freak" in many ways. Having to do everything on HIS scedule. It is tough for Annie it would be for anyone. After having his baby it makes her emotions flair even more. Soon the pieces come together and she is set free from The Freak at least.
A great book with another twist ending from Chevy Stevens. I did read this after I read "Never Knowing" which is her second book. I like her style of writing it's unique and twisted. I highly recommend her.