Monday, March 4, 2013

Review for "Tales from Lovecraft Middle School:Professor Gargoyle"

I won this from a goodreads first reads. I won this a while back but with how many books ive been trying to read I put this off. It is published from Quirk books... I love their books. I was able to read this in one day. (shhh during breaks at work.) It was a simple book. Great for a grade school- middle school age. It also would fit for them since it's based in middle school. What attracted me to this book was Lovecraft being in the title. What a great start to a series Robert is a average kid. New at Lovecraft Middle School he's a big unsure and doesn't have any friends right away. That soon changes but also with the new science teacher acting strangely and a "secret" attic in the library. This book will leave you screaming for the next installment young and old.