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This will be a start to my About Me section. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. Please send all questions to my twitter, as I know it will be seen and not go to my spam folder,and prevent any spammers themselves. I will try and answer you via twitter,and post the question,and response here.

Name: Alexandra Conrad

Birthday: February, 11,1989

Favorite Books(s): Way too many to name, I will read books of multiple genre's. I really enjoy thrillers and memoirs. I also like unusual books.

Favorite Authors: Chevy Stevens, Ransom Riggs, Cathy Glass just to name a few. Another good thing is they are each different genre's Chevy and Ransom are somewhat similar, but I wouldn't categorize them together completely.

What are your hobbies reading
: I enjoy watching moves and playing video games. Also around the same genre as I do books...although a video game memoir wouldn't work very well. I mean like RPG,FPS,and some Simulator games.
   Movies I enjoy horror and thrillers,I also like foreign films. I do have a soft side for Disney too.

What got you into reviewing books: I started at first a Librarything account a while back. I actually haven't gone to my Librarything in a while since I found Goodreads shortly after. I have received books from both sites. The sites themselves don't send the books out it is still the publishers, or authors. I won some contests,read the books, and did as asked posted a review. I started a blog as a way of tracking my reviews as well as posting them on the required site(s).
 I don't enter as many contests now as I am a blogger for Quirk Books and I think I was added to St. Martin's reviewer list too. I don't remember being contacted,but one day I recieved a book in the mail from them which was really cool.

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