Saturday, December 13, 2014

Review for 2 postcard books by Wilhelm Staehle ('Hugs and Misses', and 'Stars and Swipes'

A review for 'Stars and Swipes' and 'Hugs and Misses' both by Wilhelm Staehle

Both books are full of 30 postcards each.
They are really funny. With silhouette images
historical humor,humor on love and more. 
These are definitely ones to share with friends and
family. I would mail them,but they're too pretty for me to part with. I've actually thought of framing some,although some would be a little awkward to hang, and make better conversation pieces. Theirs at least one postcard for everyone in these books. I bet even the family dog. (I couldn't test that out since I don't have a dog...I don't have a pet at all. :( ) So if anyone has their pets opinion please let me know.                    I also should add these would make great coffee table
books and or stocking stuffers and gifts for any