Thursday, August 8, 2013

100 Ghosts: A Gallery of Harmless Haunts by Doogie Horner

100 Ghosts: A Gallery of Harmless Haunts by Doogie Horner
Read: Today 8/8/2013

   I received this from Quirk as part of there blogger review program. A cute little book filled with ghosts. BOO! Did I scare you? Well weather I did or not I know this book will do far from least I hope so. This book is a easy read. Beyond the introduction theirs very few words. So it is easy for any age to read. I laughed a lot while flipping through this book. Weather you like,love or hate ghosts you will never look at one the same way again after reading this. These aren't just your average ghosts. These guys have style. They reference movies,tv,the internet,or are just plain goofing off.
   This book is tiny, I mean as in pocket size, or great for a stocking stuffer,and it's due out just in time to prepare for the Halloween season too! So read this book and be prepared to scare or laugh your head off.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Vader's Little Princess by Jeffery Brown

Vader's little Princess by Jeffery Brown
4/5 Stars
read today (8/6/2013)

Read this while at the library. Such a cute little story. I had read "Vader and Son" earlier. The books are just great. Between the drawings. It's nice that any age can read these books. I just wish they were longer.