Monday, May 18, 2015

Those Girls by Chevy Stevens (Review)

Those Girls by Chevy Stevens
5/5 Stars

I won this in a contest from St. Matins, thank you for providing me with an ARC. I was very happy,and surprised to see this in my mailbox. It made my day.

First I need to say I am a HUGE Chevy Stevens fan. The first book of hers I read was 'Never Knowing' I read that in about one night and was instantly hooked. I've since read all her books. Her newest book 'Those Girls' was just as an edge of your seat thriller as her first novel 'Still Missing' Three sisters Jess,Courtney and Dani are in fear of their father,after another bad night they finally get away. You may think things are going good,but they don't stay nice for long. Their truck breaks down,and some guys offer to help. Let me ask you, would you accept help from two guys alone? They did,and things didn't stay nice for long. I honestly can't say much more because you have to read it for yourself.
Eighteen years later, the girls are now living good lives, and are safe from everything that happened in their childhood....well until everything comes crashing back to them.

I really really enjoyed this. I would of finished it sooner,but I had to work. I was very shocked at this novel. Just now I have to wait a whole year for another wonderful novel from Chevy. I must say Chevy's books are filled with very graphic details, this one is very graphic at times. If you don't like disturbing content then tread lightly. She doesn't sugar coat anything. Despite that it's a very quick read,and most of the characters are likable. I was rooting for the girls the whole time too,but at times I wanted to yell at them wishing they hadn't made some of the choices they did. Read 'Those Girls' and you wont be disappointed.