Saturday, October 22, 2011

Heaven is for Real

rate 5/5 stars
dates read oct20th -oct21
i got this as part of the Booksneeze blogger review program, and let me say, what an amazing little story about a boy who out of a misfotunate incident let him see Heaven, and live to tell about it. Little Colton, only age four at the time of his emergency operation didn't die temporaryly during his operation, but he had as most of us call it as an out of body experience and went to Heaven. He described it and it did sound wonderful. Of course not being able to comprehened what he was saying or describing at first cause he was talking in child terms if he didn't know the real word for what he was seeing. It was an amazing book. it does not talk about just Heaven, or filled with what Colton was describing. But it talks about how he came to be sick, what went wrong, and his recovery. The random moments when he would say stuff like "Jesus has Markers" i liked that. It was cute. i think this is an amazing and cute little book. there is a book similar to it, what for a long time i kept mistaking this book as the others books title which is "the boy who came back from heaven" or fell i dont remember exactly what word was used. i will read that one sometime as well, but i am glad i read this one it is a joyful book to read.

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