Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Review for 'The Cube' a film by Scott McMahon

First, I know it's not a book, and this is a book review blog. But I'm branching out,and reviewing a new friends film. It'd be neat if eventually I can review products,electronics and stuff too, but I'm happy with books, and films now. I actually haven't gotten many books sent to me lately. I know hands have changed a lot at Quirk. :(...but........onto the review for 'The Cube'

How did I find The Cube?
I first noticed 'The Cube' as I was browsing IMDB. The synopsis immediately grabbed me. Checking out the message boards there was not a lot of chatter about it, or anything. I still looked around and could not find the film. I watched the trailer on youtube, and looked at the comments. I left my own, and the director Scott McMahon replied. We chatted a bit,and it is under a very limited release. He kindly sent me a copy in exchange for a review.


I really liked The Cube, it did leave me guessing. I'm actually still pondering it and it's been two days since viewing. ( as i write this that is.) A couple with financial issues receives a red cube on their porch one day,nothing else just a cube. They decide the throw the cube away, but then another shows up, and another and another. The woman Yvette starts notices strange things starting to happen,she blames the cube. More strange things start to happen. I was just as confused and curious as our main characters. I was on the edge of my seat when Yvette for really upset and carved STOP into the cube. After that cube had been thrown out, the next one said NO. It was pretty intense.
The couple decides to move, after all fails to find out who's been placing the cubes on their porch, even with cameras set up. After the couple moves I saw things getting better for a while, but that didn't really last long.

In the end, I was thinking quite a bit. There were 2 quotes at the beginning of the film that I thought back to. I may be wrong, but I think the couple was suppose to represent Adam and Eve and the cube being the forbidden fruit. But that's just my take on it with first viewing. I'm still pondering it, with next viewing, I think I'll show my mom and see what she thinks. Or maybe the ending was supposed to be left up to interpretation?

The film was filmed in Oregon, I've never been there myself, but I'd love to visit someday. The scenery was absolutely beautiful. The acting was that of a B movie, but I think for this film it works. It makes it more real life. Yes I just compared real life to a B movie, because life isn't scripted, i think it helps make the characters more real at times.
This movie had a very limited budget, but don't let that stop you from seeing it. The film is only available through Vimeo. Please support Scott,and Arrowinn Productions.

Thank you again Scott for letting me view your film. I'll be excited to see what you have out next. :)

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