Thursday, July 18, 2013

William Shakespears Star Wars by Ian Doescher Review

William Shakespears Star Wars by Ian Doescher
Dates read July 4th, to July 18th (approx)
Rated 4/5 Stars

We've all seen Star Wars, we've all read Shakespeare. So why not combine the two? That's exactly what Ian did. A great job too. First let me talk about the look of the book. A hardcover with a sweet dustjacket. The detail in the cover photo is amazing ( they're photos throughout the book too with just as much amazing detail.) Take off the dustjacket and you get a weathered looking book. I thought it looked so sweet. I tend to read my hardcover books without the dustjackets too so they stay nice.
This is written in Shakespeare format , language and all. I felt like grabbing a few friends and acting it out....Still might do that. :)
If you're wondering if you'll like this books well I say if you love Shakespeare, but don't like Star Wars...why would you not like Star Wars is beyond me,but just saying. I say read it. If you love Star Wars but not Shakespeare, read it! and if you love both! well then duh read this book. It's fun no matter what. Good job Ian, now please write the rest of the saga.

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