Wednesday, July 3, 2013

"Always Watching" by Chevy Stevens review

Always Watching by Chevy Stevens
Always Watching by Chevy Stevens
 Read from June 25 to July 02, 2013(approx)
Rated:5/5 Stars 

Another great novel from Canadian author Chevy Stevens. I first fell in love with Chevy's books with "Never Knowing" her second novel. Her books are filled with so many twists and mystery.

I'm going to try and not give too much away in this review. Chevy's books are too good to spoil in review, and I sometimes have a hard time writing a review without spoilers.

This book is a little different from her first two. The first two focus on sessions with Dr.Nadine Lavoie, this time She is involved in the case. She has a deep connection with her patient Heather, after realizing she knows the name of the leader of the commune Heather was at. Nadine remembers she was there when she was younger. Somethings come back to haunt her.
 As she unwravles the mystery of Heathers issues, she is haunted by her past and her claustrophobia. Which she realizes is somehow related to her childhood. With some help from her brother she tries to get through it all safe and alive. All while feeling watched all the time.

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