Monday, June 20, 2011

Never Knowing

"Never Knowing" by Chevy Stevens 
5/5 Stars

i won this from Goodreads First reads. i did not want to put this book down. i almost finished it in one night. and would have too if it wasn't midnight and of having to get up early for work in the morning.

The book is set up in sessions with the protagonist (Sara's) therapist. which i loved it put a new twist on novels. this book was intense, nail biting and left me speechless. Sara is adopted and decides to try and locate her birth parents. She has luck with finding her mother, but she doesn't want to talk. In fact she wants nothing to do with her. Sara soon finds out that her birth father is a serial killer the "Campsite Killer" and Sara's mother being the only survivor.What is Sara to do now? She has a killers blood running through her veins. Sara already has so much going on, a wedding to plan a daughter to raise and now to help catch a killer. Will Sara pull through and be able to survive it all?

i can't spoil anymore it's too good of a book to spoil. It left me breathless and speechless. and i know it will haunt me for days

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