Sunday, August 21, 2011

"Book of the Dead"

(sorry no book cover, i'm not on my computer and the libraries doesnt seem to allow linked pictures, and can't save to computer to upload.)
Read from August 04 to 16, 2011

4/5 Stars
First off it took me forever to finish this book. I was in the process of moving and didn't edxactly have the time to read. At times I wanted to put it down and forget the rest, 'cause I have a deadline for the Pendergast books, I need to finish the series before I read the newest installment in the series "Cold Vengeance".
So for first read this book in the series 7th Pendergast, 3rd Diogenes, I found it to be a little duller than the others. I will give this a re-read sometime though 'cause of my recent love of Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child. But as for now moving on to the rest of the series in hopes of finishing before my reservation of "Cold Vengeance" is at the library.

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