Sunday, August 7, 2011

Brady Brady Brady

Brady Brady Brady by Sherwood Schwartz and Lloyd J Schwartz

2/5 Stars
dates read: July 31- August 5th 2011

   i spotted this book at the library and thought i'd read it getting some behind the scenes, which there were some, but there was a lot of unnecessary stuff.
There were a lot of random quotes, and a lot of info people already knew. I also didn't like that they gave major plots throughout the book. Yes i've seen probably all the episodes a few times, mind you the show was on before i was born, so i've been stuff with reruns, but i would still rather see the episodes, than keep reading the plots randomly put in there.
They constantly talked about problems with the show as well, which i know every show is going to have, but i got tired of reading about them.
I expected for a book written by the creator and his son would have been written better, but it wasn't. i would not read this again, and wouldnt buy it......even though i might have to 'cause the book i read being a library copy and it got slight water damage to a few pages. cringlness but every word is still perfectly library is very very picky. 

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