Sunday, August 7, 2011

Still Missing

Still Missing by Chevy Stevens

4/5 Stars
dates read: July 21st - 25th 2011

This book was hard to put down. At times I wanted to 'cause it was so intense but I just kept reading. Annie a 32 year old realtor gets kidnapped taken to a cabin in the mountains for over a year. All this time being tortured by "The Freak" in many ways. Having to do everything on HIS scedule. It is tough for Annie it would be for anyone. After having his baby it makes her emotions flair even more. Soon the pieces come together and she is set free from The Freak at least.
A great book with another twist ending from Chevy Stevens. I did read this after I read "Never Knowing" which is her second book. I like her style of writing it's unique and twisted. I highly recommend her.

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