Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Program and The Treatment both by Suzanne Young (review)

The Program and The Treatment by Suzanne Young
I gave them both a 4/5 star rating..I did like The Program more though.
I read them right after each other dates roughly Jan 8th-Jan 13 2015

There is possible spoilers in this. I try to keep all light. Some may be in the main synopsis of the book(s),but putting this out just as a warning. Just in case. Mainly spoilers in The Treatment section of this review.

I first want to touch on how pretty the covers are. I did borrow these from the I do most least to begin with with limited space in my apartment. But anyways The covers are pretty. Now I didn't get to see beneath the dust jackets very well, but I did and they're not boring under there like a lot of books are. As I try to do with most of my reviews with posting a picture of the cover I'll post pic's with the dust jacket. I wont post without because I feel that would be too much, plus it gives you all an opportunity to look for yourselves...not google cheating..haha just kidding. 

Well, I can never get the pictures to cooperate. I'm still
kind of new to the formatting of all this,but isn't it
important that I get my reviews out more?
Feedback would be nice.

OK now, about The Program.
Suicide is a worldwide epidemic.
The only treatment is The Program. If you're feeling depressed or even
look like you might be down, the handles will take you away. The Program is not like any therapist you may have been to. Your memory will be erased and life you know it gone. Sloane and James are best friends, a couple. They'll do anything to be with each other and save each other,but can they save themselves from The Program?
This was a very quick read. It was very fast paced for me. It did have a little romance which I'm not to big on,well accept when I read "Fifty Shades of Grey"...but trust me this is not that!!!!
Once you enter The Program you want out. But there is no escape. I got this feeling almost like The Program was going to come after me too. I really felt for the characters, and was praying Sloane and James would find each other again.

Which leads me to .......

The Treatment.

The Treatment, is a pill. There is only one left. ONE. It will bring back all memories,but it's a risk. Would you take it? If it meant remembering who you were before The Program?
Sloane and James are now on the run. After being released from The Program and their memories erased they have no choice. They hold a key that could save them,but only one of them. But do they dare take the risk with The Treatment?

I liked this sequel,but I don't think it was as good as The Program. Some of the characters I didn't like,but you'll get that will all books,movies,etc. Throughout this book it felt like a high speed chase. Always on the run and wondering who to trust. At times I felt like I couldn't trust anyone,but having to take risks. Yet you still end up back in The Program. I was scared Sloane wasn't going to make it out a second time,but was screaming she would. I couldn't read fast enough. I was reading when I could at work......  ;) The ending was a fairly happy ending. I think things worked out good,but even so I don't think anyone could ever fully recover from The Program.......or The Treatment

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