Friday, February 20, 2015

Believe Like a Child by Paige Dearth (review)

Believe Like a Child
5/5 Stars

I read this for review on Netgalley

This review contains possible light spoilers,also this is a very violent book. More on that is at the end of this review.

First I want to say I enjoyed this one more than her first book I read.
I have been reading her books out of order,but the order doesn't matter. This story revolves around Alessa. A child who was raped by her uncle starting at age seven,it went on for years. She finally got away.
This was not really a happier story than 'When Smiles Fade', but it did have a happier story as it progressed. I feel she got more help than Emma. (Alessa and Emma's story lines overlap very slightly). I don't want to give away too much of her story. Again, I did wish more people tried to help Alessa,and once she escaped her "home" she did find help,and I understand the fear she had.
The ending was happy,and sad at the same time. I am currently reading the final book Paige has out right now,and I have a feeling it will also be a quick read. These are quick reads for me as well at the real-life memoirs I believe because I want to see them get the help,and out of the mess of their lives. It is also nice to read about the people who do help the children in need.

Like in my previous review tread with ease with this book. Although I didn't think it was as violent as 'When Smiles Fade' it still was a harsh read. If you have a weak stomach,or do not like violence. Remember although this is a fictional story, the violence portrayed in these novels can and is very real to some people.

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