Thursday, February 26, 2015

One Among Us by Paige Dearth (Review)

One Among Us By Paige Dearth

I'm reviewing this for NetGalley

Possible minor spoilers.

This book was a bit different than her previous two that I read. A young girl named Maggie wasn't abused by her parents at all. Her parents loved her,but she was taken. Taken from a shopping mall one day after wanted to prove she could do something by herself. It would turn every parents worst nightmare come true. (I myself am not a parent yet,but I can only imagine what loosing a child would be like.) Maggie was forced into a van and taken far away. Forced into human  trafficking. It was sad reading,I kept wondering how long would she be missing for. I was praying it would only be a few days. Days turned to weeks,weeks then turned to months.Months to years,it never ended. With tragedy striking here and there you can only hope. I won't say anymore because you just have to read to find out for yourself. I will say it had a bittersweet ending, similar to 'Believe like a Child'. If you want to read any of Ms. Dearth's books,but aren't sure due to the graphic content and subject matter I would start with this one. I would say it's the tamest of them all. I read them in reverse order,but they are not a series. They all have similar locations,and some reoccurring characters,and some may overlap,but it doesn't effect the stories. I am looking forward to more of what Ms. Dearth has in store for us next.  

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